Sunday, July 22, 2018

All By Myself (Revisited)

There was a timeless time
I never needed anyone
I wasn't living on the run
what have I become

in case it matters to you
I still believe that life is fun
and I will not carry a gun
I believe in love
(it's all I've got)

love love love

Then came a time time time
I was so lost behind fear
if you can find a path that's clear
you might see me disappear
no one comes near

lost lost lost

I don't know why
nobody told me
they bought and sold me
with no way out

but my love remained
the dream was reframed
after the fall

and moodswings come on
lightning and thunder
there is still wonder
after all

there are places I remember
from the world outside head
babbling offered me a literary escape

I kept my promise
to love for ever
come whatever
heat or chill

and I always will