Monday, June 5, 2017

Asking Too Much

When I ask... who cares?
am I asking too much?
staring at the silence in your eyes

All you show are fears
when I reach out to touch
you seem to be comfortable with lies

you run from honest love
and defend your pretenses
truly unconditional love
just fires up your defenses

and the open giving heart
is used, abused, or taken for granted
except in fairy tales
where we pretend love is enchanted

When I ask... who cares?
is it too many questions?
tacit acceptance of mutual disguise

All you show are fears
in your passive rejections
protected by caution painted wise

you run from honest love...

maybe another chorus and refrain
will come before the question
comes around again

maybe another reason and a rhyme
will excuse the wasted love
and waste of time




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